Fence / Landscaping / Sod Staples / Irrigation – 5000 Pack

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This method is a way to cut your installation time in half and avoid the back breaking task of burying wire.Avoid spending your entire weekend installing all the wire in man made trenches, or paying hundreds of dollars to bury your boundary wire when it can be fully installed above ground in just a couple of hours.

Using these staples you can plant the wire while attaching it to the ground. in just a couple of days (depending on the location) 7 – 14 days the root and grass life of your lawn will grow over the wire and hide it within itself and away from view, basically “Burying” it into the lawn and into the natural environment around the wire. This helps make the installation of your system as hassle free as possible and also eliminates any loss of signal that may result from burying the boundary wire under several inches of dirt, not to mention it will save you the backache.

Consumer Supplies Direct (CSD) Sod / Landscaping / Fence Staples can be used to secure your pet fence wire to the ground. Staples are an excellent way to secure wire without having to bury the cable through wooded areas and even through grassy lawn areas. You can also use the staples to secure the wire tightly to the ground in areas where you are crossing pathways like driveways and sidewalks; this will prevent the wire from popping up out of the ground. If you are planning on using these staples to permanently secure your cable to a grassy area where there is a lot of foot traffic you will want to use one staple every 4-5 feet. For best results install them on a freshly cut lawn this will prevent the grass from pushing the wire up above the lawn mower blade. Eventually the grass will grow around the wire.

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11 gauge galvanized steel


4" Staple, 6" Staple, 8" Staple

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  1. CCLandscaping

    I own a Landscaping Company out here in Cincinnati, Ohio and I needed a good supplier for my staples. My guys use a lot of them out on the road. I spoke with Mike at Consumers and I was very impressed with the customer service for an actual manufacturer. This website was super easy to navigate and I like how I can get on the website and have my order complete within just a few minutes. Leaves out all mess of trying to order batches by just calling up, when I can just enter everything I need into here. The prices are phenomenal and I have now placed my seventh order with them. The quality of their staple on top of the easy management of orders has just made this whole thing so much easier for us. As one company to another, thanks for the great service and staples.

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