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Who are we?

Consumer Supplies Direct is a division of Umbrella Pet Supply, Inc. Based out of Melbourne, Florida, we were founded in 2007. We began by consolidating local and regional retailers. At the same time, we had our eye on the future, and our role in the unlimited potential of e-commerce. We established Consumer Supplies Direct to provide quality service to this growing marketing channel.

At present, Consumer Supplies Direct is the proven leader in drop shipping pet supplies for retailers. Our extensive experience in the pet supplies industry gives us insight into current trends. We offer all of the top brands and trending pet items in our catalog of over 2,500 items.

We promptly ship our products to your customers from our warehouse, located in Melbourne, Florida. We are a genuine wholesaler. Our strength lies within our relationship to our retail partners. Because of this, we refrain from selling our products retail. We do not wish to compete with our retail partners, as our success depends on each other.

What is Drop Shipping?

Here is how drop shipping works. Your customer places an order to with your company, to be shipped to their given address. Instead of you having to incur the cost of keeping a supply of an item at your warehouse, you have it drop shipped. We are the ones that have a warehouse full of products. You simply place your order with us through our website, to be shipped to your customer’s given name and address.

This saves you money, as you are simply paying for each item as it is ordered. Consumer Supplies Direct warehouses over 2,500 products in our Melbourne, Florida warehouse. Drop shipping allows you to expand your catalog without the need to purchase additional stock. We research market trends to make sure we are carrying the items that your customers really want.

Some of the Top Brands We Carry

Wholesale pet supplies: Consumer Supplies Direct

We have provided millions of dollars of dog supplies, cat supplies, and other pet supplies to retailers of pet supplies all across the country for the last 10 years. We ship pet supplies from our warehouse to your customer, at a reasonable price, when you need it and at the quantity you need it. No matter how large or small your need is for pet supplies, we are there when you need us. We offer a wide variety of common pet supplies, as well as hard to find items. Need an electric dog fence, a training collar or a bark collar? We’ve got you covered. Need the latest product on the market people are buzzing about? We likely already have it. Our specialty is dog and cat supplies!

Dropshipping pet supplies: Consumer Supplies Direct

We are the leading supplier of pet supply drop shipping services. Our team of helpful and kind people along with our easy to use website will give you a pleasant buying experience. Wherever you need your product shipped, our logistics team will get it there. Most orders placed on our website ship the same day, or in 24 hours at the latest. Our goal is to support both our suppliers and our drop ship customers.

Retail pet supply solutions: Consumer Supplies Direct

We provide wholesale pet supplies that can be shipped directly to your retail store. Should you need dog supplies, cat supplies or other pet supplies, we have got you covered. No matter if your pet supply orders are big or small, we value you as a customer.

Pet supply manufacturer solutions

We provide distribution solutions for your pet supply needs. With a sizeable customer base that is ever-growing, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting additions to our catalog of pet supply products. Whether you are an established manufacturer who offers mainstream pet supplies, or if you are just looking for something unique to offer your customers, Consumer Supplies Direct is at your service. Our combination of advanced technology and dedication to quality customer service has established Consumer Supplies Direct as the primary choice for pet supplies for manufacturers and pet supply retailers alike.